Barcelona collection – furniture for younger and older children

zdjęcie numer 1 Kolekcji Barcelona

Barcelona collection is a set of pine furniture which delights with its simplicity, original style and a magic feature - it grows up with your child!

Very simple shapes, minimum of embellishments and natural, solid wood lets you freely arrange the space in your child's room. Barcelona is addressed to both babies and older children’s rooms. Thanks to additional blocks you will enjoy the set during your offspring’s infancy, school years, and even longer.

Barcelona’s decorative plates remind of the sunny Spain: El Rey, La Camiseta, La Prenda and El Abrigo. Additionally, on request, Pinio can make any caption so that in a simple and effective way you can personalize your child's furniture. Barcelona collection is available in two different colors: classic white and warm vanilla.

Materials and Construction

This set enchants with its simplicity and timeless design. It serves for years not only due to the solid construction and natural pine. Owing to classic blocks with bright colors, Barcelona set offers endless opportunities of arrangement dependent on the prevailing trends and your creativity. With this collection the child’s room will look like from a fairy tale.


Marsylia Collection – furniture for an infants and a young child

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Marsylia Collection is an original set of children’s furniture designed to resemble French beach cottages. Marsylia elements beautifully imitate the objects from French Riviera landscape. Marsylia set stands out thanks to its minimalism and subtle elegance. Small decorative plates with French captions make the whole set unique and charming. The plates are available in three versions with French words (La Plage – beach, La Mer – sea, and La Soleil – sun) which additionaly accent the cheerful nature of the collection. The plates can be personalised at customer's request.

Furniture which grows up with the child

Marsylia collection consists of original and subtle elements available with traditional en knobs. Cots, chests, wardrobes and shelves can be easily combined with additional elements from outside Marsylia collection. All the pieces from the Marsylia collection are made of natural, solid pine coming from Polish forests. They come in traditional, calm colors: white and pearl. They are designed for infants and preschool children. After combining particular blocks with additional elements, the set can also serve children of school age. Mild and warm colors as well as versatility make the collection suit both a boy and a girl’s room.

Diamond Furniture Award 2009

Marsylia was honored with a prestigious award of furniture industry - Diamond Furniture 2009. This award confirms outstanding design and originality of the furniture we make, as well as its excellent reception among the customers and experts.


Carpenter collection – furniture for an infant

Carpenter collection is a charming set of furniture with characteristic windows in wardrobes and chests (the chest is also available with a changing unit). In this collection the cot is available with no decorative plates.

Materials and Construction

The set looks perfectly with Paso Doble bed and a chest thanks to which the infant’s room, apart from being charming, is also mum-friendly. The proximity of drawers, changing unit and sufficient number of shelves makes the cot invaluably useful. With a wide range of complementary pieces the set may be variously arranged for children of all ages.


Nostalgia collection

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When looking at this particular collection of Pinio furniture, under the meaningful name Nostalgia, it is easy to guess what the designers longed for –nature, smell of a forest and warm touch of . Their yearning resulted in a unique collection where nature meets human imagination.

Nostalgia is a unique set of furniture among all Pinio collections. Its rustic character beams with warmth and pine forest energy. A distressed finish makes the furniture look exceptionally cozy and worm. It also gives the impression of a constant contact with nature and its best treasures.

A wide selection of elements in the collection together with flexible combining options allow to arrange the furniture for a baby, a kindergarten, an older child and even a teenager. Due to a solid construction, classic forms, simplicity and naturalness, Nostalgia collection is never out-of-date and therefore can be of service in every stage of a child’s development. The cot grows together with the child to be transformed into a bed for a preschooler. When the 1-door wardrobe is no longer sufficient we can enlarge it or attach a chest to it. A toy box may in the future hold other accessories and things than toys only.

Available colors: nostalgia (distress)


Collection Lara - furniture for youth

Lara is a perfectly composed set of durniture for children and teenagers. The aim of the collection is to serve its users for many years and therefore in Lara collection you will find a baby cot, a single bed for an older child, and a desk for a preschooler and pupil.

Materials and Construction

The collection was designed according to the latest trends in furniture design. It is subtle and sold ad the same time and owing to the materials it was made of (MDF board and honeycomb board). A simple and elegant form of the collection pieces allow to furnish both a girl and a boy’s room. Thanks to the shape of the pieces together with warm colors, brigh colors the collection looks perfectly in every interior. Lara pieces are equipped with high quality closing systems which eliminate the effect of cracking and provide a quiet and gentle closing. It gives mothers the freedom to move around the room while the baby's asleep.

All the furniture pieces and materials used it their production are tested and certified. The furniture is made of laminated MDF board and honeycomb board. The door is equipped with brakes which prevent shutting. The furniture is certified for safe use by children.

Award for a collection Lara

Lara collection was honored with a prestigious award of furniture industry - Diamond Furniture 2010. This award confirms outstanding design and originality of the furniture we make, as well as its excellent reception among the customers and experts.