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Produsenter beskrivelse

 X-lander is unquestionably a leading manufacturer of baby & child products and accessories in Poland, and in most Central European markets, including Scandinavia. X-lander brand stands for their quality and is a respected household name. This is due to several factors: collaboration with renowned designers, a wide range of products in keeping with our desire to best satisfy our customers’ varied needs, top quality materials, innovative design, and a meticulous manufacturing process. Our products are targeted at demanding parents who lead an active lifestyle, and as such, are being constantly upgraded and improved. The new collection of X-Lander products is based on experience gained over previous years and valuable feedback from our customers. We constantly strive to enhance the quality of our products, to an extent that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers; such as our young users and their caring Parents. Our products are user-friendly and prove very practical during the drudgery of shopping, while negotiating the streets and public transport of a crowded city, as well as during physically active recreation pursuits and travel. They are manufactured in accordance with the highest requirements and standards, which is why they have a reputation for safety, as well as reliability. We employ only established designers, specializing in commercial product design, who have already made their mark on the Polish design market and contributed to its development. This is why the X-Lander Brand keeps abreast of fashion and technology trends, changing in sync with developments and always standing out from the crowd because of the unmistakable aesthetics and unique design of its products.

 New brand on the market. Well known producer (X-lander). Something completely new, surprising, and primarily associated with sailing after the seas and oceans of the world. The latest collection of Navington is now on sale.

 The company is a leading polish producer of articles for children. This is a family business, which, thanks to the professionalism and creative solutions for 20 years sets the trends in the production of articles for babies. TAKO is a brand which is recognition in 25 countries around the world, a wide range of innovative products based on the original design, high quality materials and modern technology. All articles are manufactured with attention to the safety of the child and the parents. This is confirmed by the fact that all our products meet the safety requirements in accordance with EN 1888: 2004 and are made of environmentally friendly organic baby fabrics with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 

  Since 1973. In order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of our customers constantly improve and increase the quality of the products. In order to meet the needs of the market, expanding our manufacturing facility and introduce work organisation systems in order to increase the production to go hand-in-hand with the highest quality. Going with the times we try to make our products reflect the latest trends and security requirements, at the same time, we have in mind is to remain at the appropriate price level which guarantees the best price/quality relationship. 


  Jedo is currently one of the strongest brand among Polish producers of carriages. As the one of the few manufacturer officially gives up 2 years warranty and a perfect service. The collection of Jedo consists of a very sophisticated and functional models. The most famous models of the carriages are classic Bartatina and modern Fyn.


  The company "PREMKO"  manufacturer of "Baby Merc" is one of the leading and dynamically developing companies in Poland, which specializes in the production of carriages. From the beginning of its activity we focused on the fact that our products have the highest quality and guarantee our babies security, freedom and comfort. Our experience has allowed us to gain many satisfied customers domestic and abroad.

Company Jarfex has been in business since 1957. Specialty of the company is the production of exclusive classic / retro prams. Both long tradition and knowledge passed down from generation to generation led to success. By using technologist and and "hand made" our products today are of high quality, unique yet traditional style and a high standard of safety. Production takes place realizing each production order approach it fairly and professionally, our products have passed the appropriate quality control in the final stage. Following the dynamics of the market in 2012 expanded the scope of its services on a commercial working with the best.

 With great pleasure we present you a unique brand of baby carriages BEBETTO. The brand, which quickly gained wide recognition in many countries of Europe. The security of your children, durability, functionality and distinctive style is a basic premise of our company, which we follow to create a new product.